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6 June 2019, Thu. 18:30
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR


About event

Why is it worth to go to the play “Not At once”?

1. The comedy production reveals serious universal themes.
2. The performance makes you think about your purpose in life.
3. The evening in the theater is always a long-awaited and memorable event.

We invite you to the play “Timelessly” staged by a novice director and talented actress Anastasia Kuzik. Do not miss a great opportunity to diversify your leisure!

“Timelessly” is a comedy based on the play by Ukrainian writer Lana Ra. This is a life-affirming narrative of how a person comes to realize his own importance in this world. After all, none of us is not accidental on this earth.

“Timelessly” is a story about a difficult choice that the main character of the play faces. God-given gift to create his happiness, he is ready to crush, putting his hands on himself ...

What is this? - The end? No, only the beginning ... ahead - an insight from the care of the attentive Guardian Angel, a journey to a past life and - an unexpected finding of ... yourself!

Staging and musical accompaniment - Anastasia Kuzyk.
Set Designer - Maxim Lapko.

Waiting for you!

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