Black Square "Incredible, but ... Freud!"

4 August 2019, Sun. 19:00
Jewish Cultural Center Odessa, st. Nezhinskaya 77/79
from 6.00 EUR
from 6.00 EUR
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About event

Premiere in Odessa! From the Kiev Theater "Black Square"!

Sparkling comedy, which can give answers to important questions of the universe.

Incredibly, Grandfather Freud suggested and proved that the unconscious voice of erotic desires, pulling their strings like puppet, controls people. How to deal with it? And most importantly - is it necessary?

The plot puts the characters in such intricate poses that they can not be found even in the "Kama Sutra." Fatal decisions have to take every moment! Plunging into incredibly delicate, intimate situations, the heroes realize that only one thing can save them - a sense of humor.

This performance reminds: to survive - you have to laugh. What will every viewer do, seeing this theatrical erotic hooliganism.

From the reviews of grateful viewers:
"When the performance began, I could not even think what would happen ... Oh, what was there-oh! .."