Unbearable people

25 January 2019, Fri. 19:00
from 6.06 EUR
from 6.06 EUR
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Why go to the play "Intolerable People"?

1. Performance based on the play by famous playwright Roman Gorbik
2. You will get to the country club in the real disco of the 90s
3. The grotesque comedy is a unique genre that makes you laugh bitterly.

In the New Ukrainian Theater will take place the play "Unbearable People." Bright comedy-grotesque will not leave anyone indifferent! The staging will remind everyone of his childhood and youth. When they came to the grandmother in the village for the summer ...

So in this performance. Beautiful and mannered daughter and granddaughter, and that same grandmother, for whom Kiev and the sea are unknown places. And the granddaughter, the "iPhone" and all other attributes of a modern girl. There is also a woman Lyudochka, who cannot remember and forget, as her “kanhvetki crumbled on the floor” ... The childhood yard becomes a place of torture. And it is impossible to hide, except in the cemetery (grandmother says so quietly).

The director of the performance, Alexander Justice, and the actresses also remembered their past during rehearsals, and these memories were reflected in the production. Preparation of the play even included communication with Ukrainians on the streets. And the goal was the same: to find out what is family for everyone. It was a grotesque comedy. Zhenya Belousov and young Masik will be remembered in it ... We are waiting for you!