Christmas Eve

28 January 2019, Mon. 19:00
Drama Theater. I. Kochergi Zhitomir, square Cathedral, 6
from 3.64 EUR
from 3.64 EUR
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About event

Why go to the play "Christmas Eve"?

1. Return to your favorite Christmas time.
2. See the magical adaptation of the story of Gogol
3. Together with the heroes plunge into mysticism and fun

It is difficult to find a work of world literature that compares in the Christmas color with the story by N. V. Gogol "The Night Before Christmas".

A bright, funny story in which sincere love intertwined, willingness to make any sacrifice for the beloved, fun, unpredictable adventures and even a mystic of the last night before Christmas.

Director A. Bakirov has set an absolutely amazing musical comedy, which beckons to the world of the Christmas night tale with its incredible wonders.

Koval Vakula will again go in search of shoes for capricious, but beloved Oksana, the witch Solokha will fill with unlucky visitors
all empty bags, the devil will steal a month, and two godfathers will wander through the snow-covered village in search of vodka and good company.

Do not miss! This happens only once!