The night before Christmas

25 December 2019, Wed. 20:00
Terminal Brovary, Kievskaya street, 316
from 5.33 EUR
from 5.33 EUR


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The night before Christmas in Brovary! Don`t miss 2019-12-25 в 20:00 on the Terminal, Brovary.
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Meet the best comedy show in Brovary !!!!

Only once a year, only in Ukraine is there a night when a loved one can get at least a star or moon from the sky, when women's charms make the head of half of the male people unclean, it will again make this night completely dark, and the two godfathers will once again get lost in " three houses ”of his own village. All of Mykola Gogol's writings contain the genetic code of our society, they focus on the whole mentality of the nation and the whole soul of our people.

The musical comedy "The Night Before Christmas", performed by Chernihiv Regional Musical Theater. TG Shevchenko is an amazing energetic of stage acting, colorful images created by a bright acting ensemble. Almost the entire theater troupe and about 20 orchestra people are on stage. A fantastically beautiful adult comedy tale from its first premiere in December 2015, and is still gaining sympathy with a growing audience in Ukraine and beyond.

And although many theaters put this masterpiece - the most awards and popular love in this production. In a modern, extremely creative reading by the director-director, Honored Artist of Ukraine Andriy Bakirov, Mykola Gogol's story of the same name, the ancient legends and pictures of life of the Ukrainian village of that time are fantastically intertwined, fantastic and comical. There are no awards at this performance: Grand Prix of the 5th International Festival of Ukrainian Theater "East - West" (Krakow); Winner of the First All-Ukrainian Theater Festival "SvetOgled" (Severodonetsk) "For the Best Plastic Solution", victory at the XXI International Theater Festival "White Tower" in Brest as "Best Acting Ensemble" and others.

So we invite you to share with us such a comedic, fairytale, and unique "Night", to feel the true color of Gogol and to have a wonderful New Year's infusion !!!

Based on the story of Mykola Gogol (dialogues of Mykhailo Starytsky)

Musical comedy for 1 act, duration 1 h.45 min.

Production, artistic and musical design - Honored Artist of Ukraine Andriy Bakirov

Conductor - Alexey Roshchak

Ballet Master - Catherine Griskova

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