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Theater “Masks” in the surreal comedy of the absurd “Night symphony”

27 March 2020, Fri. 19:00
Clown house Odesa, st. Olgievskaya 23
from 6.00 EUR
from 6.00 EUR


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Будь ласка, зверніть увагу

У зв’язку із встановленою Кабінетом міністрів України забороною на проведення масових заходів на всій території країни в період з 12 березня по 3 квітня 2020 року, цю подію перенесено на іншу дату. Квитки залишаються дійсними на нову дату без необхідності їх обміну.

Організатор уповноважив Concert.ua здійснювати повернення коштів за придбані у нас квитки. Для цього ви можете скористатись послугою “Автоповернення” через особистий кабінет на сайті Concert.ua.

Разом з організатором події ми будемо вам дуже вдячні, якщо ви скористаєтесь квитком на нову дату. Це дозволить і в майбутньому робити для вас яскраві події та надавати сервіс.

Організатор: Будинок клоунів
Контакти організатора: тел.: 380 (48) 770-00-26

Детальніше про перенесення подій та повернення коштів: http://bit.ly/2WiRbq0

Why is it worth going to the Theater “Masks” in the surreal comedy of the absurd “Night Symphony”?

1. This performance is performed only in the theater "Masks" and nowhere else in the world.
2. The performance is very funny, strange, sometimes frightening and spectacular. This is a real underground and, at the same time, very spectator-like. The performance is full of tricks and theatrical effects.
3. “Night symphony” performance-opening of the International festival of clowns and mimes “Comedyad” - a unique event in which for six days you will see the best clowns and memes of the world in the theater “House of Clowns”

The surreal comedy of the absurd "The Night Symphony" opens the X International Festival of Clowns and Mimes "Comedyad"

For the tenth year in a row, on the eve of Humor Day in Odessa, the best comedians from all over the world will gather. In 2020, the audience, guests and participants of the festival are waiting for 6 unforgettable days of fun, joy and laughter in the theater "House of Clowns" (and not only). There will be solo performances of Comedyad laureates, and competitive "Clown Marathons", and Gala shows, and the traditional grand opening of the festival on the red clown path, press conferences, workshops, street and children's shows, and, of course, a grand April Fool’s parade!

About the play “The Night Symphony”: Once Zhuang Zhou dreamed that he was a butterfly, an oar fluttering butterfly. He enjoyed from the heart and did not realize that he was Zhou. But suddenly he woke up and could not understand: did Zhou dream that he was a butterfly, or did a butterfly dream that she was Zhou ... Daodejing

This performance is special. This is a thread of poetic parables, eternal and modern, about friendship, terror, love and other visible and invisible spheres connected by strange dialogues. Dialogues are replaced by bewitching dances. The spectator is involuntarily involved in this unusual action. The main characters: Deliev - the clown angel exiled to the earth and Barsky - a man of peace who comes in peace and also with the world burying everyone who does not live to see the end of the play. The performance always causes controversy, but leaves no one indifferent.

Stage Director: Georgy Deliev


Red - People's Artist of Ukraine Georgy Deliev

Mustachioed - People's Artist of Ukraine Boris Barsky

White dancer - Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalya Buzko

Red dancer - Yana Delieva

Man from the East - Oleg Savchenko

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