16 October 2018, Tue. 19:00
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Using the plot motifs of the classic comedy of I. Tobilevich (Karpenko-Kary) "The Flood of the 18th Century", the famous Ukrainian playwright Yaroslav Stelmakh wrote a vivid musical play about the fads of love - a comedy of situations and situations, in which there is a lot of humor and witticisms.

The plot is eternal: fight for love! In the count's estate comes his young bride Olyana ... And now what? Ended an easy and fun bachelor's life, full parties with friends and hunting adventures? .. The count is looking for a way out of the situation. However, after a series of disguises and played out, everything falls into place: the Count is tamed! Love and agreement to you, lovers!

In October this year, the performance "The Shrew" will celebrate its 15th anniversary. This theater was successfully shown in the program of the International Festival of Musical Performances "Melpomene of Tavria" (Kherson).