New Year in BEEF

31 December 2018, Mon. 22:00
from 106.06 EUR
from 106.06 EUR

About event

And let's celebrate the New Year together?

We will gather by 22:00 in the very center of the city, on the cozy and probably covered with snow Shota Rustaveli. Chef Alexey Shemenkov will complete the final dinner preparation by this point, unbearably delicious aromas will be heard from the kitchen, and the waiters will get ready to serve food and drinks. And we will start: expect at least six gastronomic innings of all the best that the chef is proud of. Each of the dishes is perfectly matched wine, and at midnight, as usual, we will open champagne and make the most cherished wishes.

After the dessert and closer to one in the morning we move to the bar - here dj, chime of glasses, dances and metafan until the morning.

The BEEF team will be very, very happy to share this warmest holiday of the year with their guests and their families.

When: December 31, 22:00
Ticket price: 3500 uah

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