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29 November 2020, Sun. 20:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
from 15.00 EUR
from 15.00 EUR
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About event

Nurminsky in Kiev. On May 21, the Tatar rapper Nurminsky will perform for the first time at the Stereo Plaza club in Kiev.

Why is it worth going to a Nurminsky concert?

1. Branded courtyard aesthetics of tracks.
2. A clear and understandable lyrics that "comes".
3. Boy’s soul without embellishment.

Albert Nurminsky - the rising star of the Tatar rap

On May 21, the unrealistically popular rapper Nurminsky will perform a powerful concert at the Stereo Plaza club. The artist, who blew up steep YouTube tracks, is actively conquering the big stage today. Therefore, we are preparing to download the hall to a real pats rap.

New Nurminsky hits for real boys

At the Nurminsky concert in Kiev, all the main hits will sound, without which not a single day passes:

  • "Buy a jeep";
  • "The cop is blowing at me";
  • "Valim";
  • "Auff";
  • "Mom, cure" and other cool tracks.

The boy’s lyrics performed by a talented author perfectly “go in” and open the soul of a young rapper. In his works, Albert Nurminsky talks about everything that is close to him. Because the guy’s songs have so much truth and lively drive. Drawing his life stories, the rapper creates clear pictures - loud showdowns of boys, clashes with the police, real boyish friendship. It is thanks to the simple and understandable rap that Nurminsky performs today in the filled halls.

Where to buy tickets for the Nurminsky 2020 concert?

Nurminsky in Kiev is a long-awaited event for the artist’s fans. We advise you to book tickets for Nurminsky in advance. You can do this on the website.