What are silent men or Savage Forever

16 February 2020, Sun. 19:30
Terminal Brovary, Kievskaya street, 316
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from 7.33 EUR
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By the day of lovers !!! The play is delivered in the sdendap genre. This is a funny actor's monologue about the relationship between Men and Women. Using the example of his own family relationships, the actor shows the absurdity of mutual claims, quarrels, conflicts, painfully familiar to everyone who “gets along” in marriage.

“About Than Silent Men or Savage FOREVER” is a performance in which two galaxies reconcile, two cosmos - Man and Woman. The spectator, laughing from the beginning to the end of the performance, under the curtain discovers that he easily answered for himself the question “How to accept and get along with his second half?” Not for nothing “Savage” is so popular all over the world! And in New York, July 18 was declared the Day of the Caveman, and 44th Street was renamed “The Road of the Caveman”

The play was written by an American family psychologist and part-time actor - comedian Rob Bakker. The premiere took place on Broadway on March 26, 1995 and since then has not gone down from stages all over the world and is even listed in the Book of Theatrical Records as the longest-playing one-man show.

Not the real man who fights the dragon for you, but the one who stays with you when the dragon is you.

“Thank you, thank you very much. Tonight I again fell in love with my husband! ”

“I got the impression that he was sitting in our kitchen and was recording everything that happened between us and my husband!”

“It strengthens family relationships, even at 56!”

For the sake of such reviews it is worth playing! It's worth watching for this!

The role of the Savage is played by a popular and favorite actor - Dmitry Surzhikov. Due to the unique style of the game and the bright personality of Dmitry, the result is an excellent performance and each time is different. The actor adds his personal charm to the world famous role and shares his personal experience with the opposite sex with the viewer.

Dmitry Surzhikov - Ukrainian actor, director and screenwriter. Films with his participation: "Servant of the people", "Born here" ....

- “Sincere and emotional dialogue one-on-one with the audience is not an easy task - a real challenge for the artist”

“This performance is unique in that it does not just indicate a problem, but also gives its solution! "