What are women silent

25 September 2019, Wed. 19:00
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from 4.00 EUR
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What are women silent in Kyiv - photo #1 Про що мовчать жінки у Києві
What are women silent in Kyiv - photo #2 Про що мовчать жінки у Києві афіша

About event

Why should go to the play "What are silent women"?

1. A fascinating plot with cunning intrigues.
2. Sparkling humor, which can not be infected.
3. Talented and bright play of actors, from which it is difficult to look away.

Pure English Detective.

Ekaterina Kisteni - Honored Artist of Ukraine, actress of the New Drama Theater in Pechersk
Sergey Kiashko - actor of the Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank
Anna Kuzina - theater and film actress
Lilia Tsvelikova - actress of the Golden Gate Kiev Academic Theater
Anastasia Blazhchuk - actress of the Kiev Academic "Young Theater"
Olga Sobko - actress of the theater "Bravo"

If you want to know what women really think, look at them, but do not listen. Women talk a lot, but what are they silent about? In each of them there is some kind of mystery, and five women under one roof are a whole mystery that covers the night murder in the mansion. But which one is the killer? This interesting and seductive investigation involved a detective from the police department.

The task of a man is not simple: in the search for truth, the most important thing is by comparing testimony and facts not to go crazy with the charming logic of lovely ladies.

A talented game of actors, sparkling humor and a fascinating story for two hours will plunge you into the atmosphere of this investigation. And the main question - what women are silent about - will definitely be revealed!

Director - Vlada Belozorenko

Producers - Tatyatna Eden and Elena Novokhatko