What are women silent about?

26 November 2018, Mon. 19:00
Odessa Russian Theatre Odessa, Hrets'ka St, 48
from 4.00 EUR
from 4.00 EUR

About event

What will you learn about when you visit the play "What are women silent about?"

1. What a woman really thinks, but does not say anything about it
2. What actions a woman can do for love
3. How easy it is for a woman to circle her man's logic

Purely English detective.

Cast: Oleg Savkin, Ekaterina Kisten, Anna Kuzina, Liliya Tsvelikova, Anastasia Blazhchuk, Olga Sobko
Director - Vlad Belozorenko
The artist - Julia Zaulichnaya
Choreographer - Daria Niyazkulova-Degtyar
Producers - Tatiana Edemskaya and Elena Novohatko

If you want to find out what women really think, look at them, but do not listen. Women say a lot, but what they are silent about? In each of them there is some mystery, and five women under one roof is a whole mystery that covers the night murder in the mansion. But who is the killer? This interesting and seductive investigation is handled by a detective from the police department.

The task for a man is not simple - in search of truth, the most important thing is to compare the evidence and facts not to go mad with the charming logic of lovely ladies.

A talented play of actors, sparkling humor and a fascinating plot for two hours will dive you into the atmosphere of this investigation. And the main question - what are women silent about - will definitely be revealed!

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