2 July 2019, Tue. 19:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

The best gift that a son could bring to his mother’s grave was called by critics of Roman Gary’s novel “The Promise at Dawn”.

The play is based on the autobiographical book of Romain Gary. Following the main character, the viewer will be transferred from Russia to Poland, from there to France, England and Africa. Romain Gary is surprisingly touching and sad, but at the same time he is filled with humor and optimism from beginning to end. Strong faith in man, in the triumph of love, beauty, art, humanism and justice.

“The promise at dawn” is a terrific hymn to love: motherly love, love of sons ... A romantic of our time, Alexei Bogdanovich conveyed all the feelings that the author himself once experienced, became a real loving son. All-consuming, unconditional, naive, courageous, desperate love and inescapable faith in her son allowed a middle-aged woman to see a future celebrity in a boy from a provincial town. And let the whole world in the face of the ubiquitous neighbors and market traders laugh at them!

The leading actors of the National Theater named after Ivan Franko, the National Theater named after Lesia Ukrainka, the New Drama Theater in Pechersk, in collaboration with the production company Domino-Art, dedicate the stage version of his outstanding novel to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Romain Garry.

Romain Gary, one of the literary classics of the twentieth century, literary mystifier, film director, military pilot and diplomat. The only one in the history of literature is twice the winner of the Goncourt Prize. The life of Romain Gary, like many of his works, is a fascinating novel, on the pages of which there is a place for adventure, travel, military battles, flights in a dream and reality. Many of his works are palpable autobiographical motifs. But most of all it is felt in the novel "The Promise at Dawn" (1960). In this artistic autobiography of the writer - the dedication of the mother, her passionate and all-conquering love. All over the world this book is perceived as an anthem to motherhood. As an ode to the most luminous and sublime feelings.

Alexey Bogdanovich, People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Shevchenko Prize
Nadezhda Kondratovskaya, Honored Artist of Ukraine
Vladislav Mamchur
Nikita Cherepakhin.

Dramatization of the novel - Ned Nejdan, Irina Zilberman
Director - Irina Zilberman
Musical arrangement - Alexey Kitel
Artist - Boris Orlov
Lighting Designer - Anna Vakhovskaya
Choreographer - Nikita Cherepakhin
Video Engineer - Savely Barashkin