Deception of a lifetime

28 October 2018, Sun. 19:00
from 1.82 EUR
from 1.82 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the performance "Deception of a lifetime"?

1. Nontrivial plot.
2. This is a production in which the aphoristic precision of a language, humor and vitality are combined.
3. Deep philosophical overtones.

"Deception of a lifetime" is a melodrama that differs qualitatively from fellow people in the genre.

Although the plot of history is classic - a love triangle. Only by overcoming all laws of geometry, it is transformed into a vicious circle. And it's almost impossible to break it, because then a deception will be revealed that will last a lifetime ...

This is the story of the relationship between father and son, full of irony. It reveals the disarming truth of the senses. You will witness the confession of someone who is doomed to "someone else's" love. "I had a son for 2 days, and then I got a call." Thoughtful lighting solution and heartfelt music perfectly complement a simple, but full of love and pain history. It is interesting that there are no negative characters. Each of them has its secrets, truth, losses, tests. A talented play of actors successfully embodies complex characters on the stage.

The play is based on the story of the famous writer Dina Rubina "Double surname". The director-director is Ekaterina Stepankova. The performance in two acts lasts 120 minutes.

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