Ordinary miracle

17 August 2018, Fri. 18:30
Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy Odessa, Panteleimonivs'ka St, 3
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from 1.04 EUR
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Libretto - Yu. Kim

One Wizard turned Bear into a young man, but it was so difficult for a man to be a man that the Wizard decided to disguise him. The condition for this is one thing - it is necessary that the Bear kiss the Princess. And so the Wizard arranges that the King passes by his manor with his daughter. Quite casually Bear gets acquainted with the beautiful girl and falls in love with her. When he learns that she is a Princess, she runs away in horror, unable to even imagine that she will turn into a beast in front of her beloved girl.

This is one of the most poetic and subtle stories about love, written in the language of a fairy tale. The piercing music of Gennady Gladkov, the stunning imagination of the scenery and all the fabulous attributes - magic, a princess, an enchanted youth. Only the kiss and love of the Princess will not turn him into a beautiful prince, but return to him his original appearance - a bear. And this, then, is the least desired by lovers. This is the beginning of the suffering and vicissitudes that Princess and Bear will have to endure. And we have to find out if there is a miracle in the world more than love.