Theater "Masks" in the comedy "Odessa Foundling"

1 April 2020, Wed. 19:00
Clown house Odesa, st. Olgievskaya 23
from 6.00 EUR
from 6.00 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the play “Odessa Foundling”?

1. This performance is performed only in the theater "Masks" and nowhere else in the world
2. Performs the main composition of the theater "Masks"
3. The performance is very funny and entertaining. It has a lot of unexpected tricks and special effects.

Comedy by Georgy Golubenko directed by Georgy Deliev

Odessa Foundling, truly Odessa, a cheerful and slightly sad performance about the cheerful and not ceasing to amaze the inhabitants of modern South Palmyra!

A lonely 70-year-old man, an eccentric Odessa artist, Sir Pinhus, dreams of grandchildren. He has no children, but for the realization of a dream, for the appearance of a grandson, he naturally needs a son. And preferably an adult son. Friends from Baby House choose him for this role Arkasha, a 50-year-old boob, freed from the colony and working as a fireman in the baby's house.

The will helps Sir Pinhus to convince Arkasha to agree to this role. But the sophisticated mind of the old senile wants to go through all the stages of raising a child: childbirth, motion sickness in the crib, changing diapers and bathing in a baby bath. And all this newly-made baby will have to experience in their own skin. Arkasha’s nerves can’t stand it, he negotiates with his friend, bear thief Repanym, to open a safe in the house of Sir Pinhus.

Days pass and Arkasha is growing up. Here he is 4 years old and he learned to talk. Here he is eleven and interest in the opposite sex begins to wake up in him. Here he is already 25 and he is ready to meet his real bride.

By a fateful combination of circumstances, Repany finds himself in the prosecutor's office and frankly admits of his planned atrocity. In a rage, Pinhus is ready to give Arkash into the hands of justice. And then a miracle happens: Arkasha and the secretary of Sir Pinhus, Miss Efrosinha, in the most miraculous way fall in love. The old man's heart softens. He agrees with the prosecutor to hush up this case.

But here a new tragedy intervenes in life. Sir Pinhus's overseas friend, Mr. Labowski, unsuccessfully invests the artist’s money on the stock exchange and loses everything to the penny. The old man’s heart cannot stand it, and he falls into a coma.

Everything could have ended very sadly if it had not been a story from Odessa life. In the end, everyone is alive - healthy. Paintings for sale! Arkasha gains a worthy profession! Miss Efrosinha in position! A grandson is on the way, which means life goes on!

Sir Pinhus - People's Artist of Ukraine - Boris Barsky

Efrosinya - Tatyana Ivanova

Arkasha - Alexey Agopyan

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