International Jazz Festival Odessa JazzFest

22 September 2019, Sun. 18:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

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In 2019, the jazz festival is scheduled for September 20-22. The second and third days of the festival will traditionally take place on the stage of the Odessa Philharmonic (Bunin str., 15). It is here in the unique chamber atmosphere, which has already become the hallmark of the festival, 6 international projects will perform.

September 22, the concert program will begin the wonderful Greek jazzmen, who managed to conquer New York. These are vibraphonist Christos Rafalides and double bass player Petros Klampanis. Both musicians moved to the capital of jazz, while still students. And they could not just not get lost in the strongest jazz scene in the world, but also take their place of honor there, regularly performing in famous jazz clubs. The acoustic duo will present to the public a mix of jazz standards, original compositions and covers.

On the same day, the public is waiting for a concert by a trio from Luxembourg DOCK IN ABSOLUTE. In their music, critics find echoes of jazz (from mainstream to ECM), baroque, strictly classical academism and progressive rock. Listeners enjoy an unsurpassed drive, pervading the musical fabric of each and every piece. As well as deep lyricism, meditatively plunging into a state of absolute peace, but at every moment ready to explode with unrestrained rocky reefs.

Finish the official festival program of the fusion trio of French guitarist Greg Lamy. A native of New Orleans, he has been active in Europe for almost 20 years. Recognized as a "rising star" at the dawn of the two thousandths, today Lamy is an accomplished improvisational musician, an original representative of European jazz fusion and an active experimenter. At the concert, listeners will enjoy a unique jazz atmosphere filled with the joy of joint improvisation and music of the widest stylistic spectrum: from lyrical ballads to energetic fusion.

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