Odessa by the ocean

28 October 2018, Sun. 19:00
Odessa Russian Theatre Odessa, Hrets'ka St, 48
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from 1.82 EUR
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Our days, New York, Brighton Beach. He is Wulf Mykhalevich Goldiner - an elderly Russian-speaking emigrant, a widower, a little over seventy. She is Mrs. Jane Watson, a beautiful successful American, divorced, a little over thirty.

They were joined by a traffic accident: Mrs. Watson, while driving her own car, hit a Mr. Goldinger, as a result of which he suffered minor injuries. And, although the culprit of this incident was Goldinger himself (he was impatient to cross the street to a red light), the court sentenced Mrs. Watson to 80 hours of corrective work in favor of the victim.

And now, for 10 weeks, every Wednesday and Saturday she is obliged to come to the victim, spend four hours in his company and do housework (cleaning, washing, cooking). Well, involuntarily, to communicate with him.

In the process of this communication, many interesting things are being clarified.

For example, the fact that Vulf Mojkalevich Goldiner was once Vladimir Mikhaylovich Semenov, lived in Odessa on the street of Franz Mehring and worked as an engineer on the "January" - the plant named after the January Uprising.

And Mrs. Watson did not always bear the name of her ex-husband ...