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Okean Elsa is 30 years old. that day

12 October 2024, Sat. 18:00-20:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
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Okean Elsa is 30 years old. that day in Kyiv - photo №1 okean-elzy_palac-sportu

About event

Do you remember the day when the four of you and your friends bought your first guitar? How they searched for "exactly the same as Vakarchuk's in that clip." And they found it!
Or the prom at which "Susie" played. Now you jokingly address your daughter like that, even though she is actually Sofiyka.

Is that bar, the only one in the whole village, somewhere between Kharkiv and Kramatorsk, where Russian pop has not abated? And then the day when you came there with a new CD "Supersymmetry", gave it to the DJ and said only: "Please."

And then there was dad who always turned on "My Car" when he was teaching you to drive. do you remember That's how he said: "Let's go driving, kid," and he always took coffee in a thermos, "just like in the song."

That Day is different for each of us, but one for all.
Lives in the past and looks forward to the future.
For some it's tight, for someone it's happy, for someone it's such that you can't even find words.

Many of us will say the same about at least one of Elsa's Ocean songs.
They soothed someone when it seemed that there would never be music again: when they left from under shelling, when they settled in a foreign land - and when they returned because they wanted to go home.
Someone was hardened and inspired.
To someone, these songs still give hope and respite, remind of the past, when there was warmth inside, and that important tomorrow - for which we are all waiting.

This is a special Okean Elsa concert. Our common history is already 30 years old.
This is "The Day" when we will meet to sing together with the whole hall.
To remember the most precious and remember the most important.
To live and approach that Day together.

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Start of the concert: 18:00
Doors open: 4:00 p.m

Information on the exchange of tickets for concerts scheduled to take place in 2022: Exchange of tickets

Event organizer: Okean Elzy in cooperation with Origin Team


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Океан Ельзи 30 років. Той день

11 October 2024 18:00

Palace of sports, Kyiv

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