Oksana Mukha

15 October 2020, Thu. 19:00
Ukrainian theater Odesa, st. Pastera, 15
from 10.33 EUR
from 10.33 EUR
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Oksana Mukha in Odesa! We are waiting for you 2020-03-29 at 19:00 at the location Ukrainian Theater, Odesa.
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Oksana Mukha in Odesa - with the program "The Most Beautiful Songs of Ukraine"

On March 29, singer Oksana Mukha will give a solo concert "The Most Beautiful Songs of Ukraine" in Odesa. The performance of the famous artist, winner of the title "Voice of the Country", Honored Artist of Ukraine, will be accompanied by the orchestra at the Ukrainian Theater. Starts at 19:00.

Oksana Mukha - Ukrainian singer, winner of season 9 of the popular TV project "Voice of the country" in the team of star trainer Dan Balan. The TV show called the performer "the soul of Ukrainian song". "That's what the soul of Ukraine sounds like, that's how Ukraine itself sings," said her mentor, Moldova-based singer Dan Balan. No wonder, all of her victorious journey in the difficult TV project Oksana went solely with the Ukrainian song, which became a precedent for talent show.

Long before the victory in the Voice of the Country, Oksana Mukha won the Grand Prix of the I International Competition. Cisik Flower (2011), where it was called "Ukrainian (or second) Cisik Flower". "Flower Cisyk came back to us with the voice of Oksana Mukha," - so said the folk artist, Hero of Ukraine Nina Matvienko about the young singer. And no wonder - Oksana grew up on the music of Flower and has her songs in her repertoire. In fact, at Voice of the Country, Oksana Mukha opened Cisyk to millions of new listeners and continued the work of the legendary American singer of Ukrainian descent who, above all, wanted the glory of the Ukrainian song to be off limits.

Oksana Mukhi's repertoire includes works of various formats: from ancient Ukrainian folk songs to modern author and experimental music. Oksana Mukha's goal is simple and majestic at the same time - to make Ukrainian songs sound and sing in every Ukrainian house. And yet, through the Ukrainian song, the world will discover Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation. "The Ukrainian song is the code of the Ukrainian nation," says the singer.