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Oksana Mukha. Songs of an unconquered heart

27 April 2023, Thu. 19:00
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Oksana Mukha. Songs of an unconquered heart in Uzhhorod! Don`t miss 2023-04-27 в 19:00 on the Transcarpathian Regional Philharmonic, Uzhhorod.
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"Songs of an unconquered heart" performed by Oksana Mukha - for the Day of Defenders of Ukraine  

In October, the famous Ukrainian singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine, winner of the TV project "Voice of the Country" Oksana Mukha will give a series of concerts in the cities of Ukraine, timed to the Day of Defenders of Ukraine. "Songs of an unconquered heart" is the name of the performer's new concert program, which is a creative, emotional, heartfelt response to what Ukraine is currently living through.  

"Songs of an unconquered heart" will combine both Ukrainian folk songs and popular pop classics, as well as new works created for Oksana Mukha. In these songs - the soul of Ukrainians, their nature, philosophy, fate and victory.  

Exactly one year ago, Oksana Mukha and her team announced concerts for the Day of Defenders of Ukraine in Donbas. Then, in October 2021, the singer greeted our soldiers and fellow citizens with a song in Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk and Lysychansk.  

-   These were very necessary, very soulful concerts - for those of our compatriots, who in the east of Ukraine since 2014 fought daily for the right to be Ukrainians, - recalls Oksana Mukha. - So much has changed in the last six months... The Drama Theater in Mariupol, where we performed, is no longer there... But the hardest thing for me is to think about whether those I met in Donetsk and Luhansk regions in October 2021 survived?... At the "Songs of the Invincible" concerts? hearts" I will talk about what is happening - in song, words, emotions. Most of all, I want to support Ukrainians in spirit in these extremely difficult days for our nation.  

Oksana Mukha's concerts "Songs of an Unconquered Heart" will be for charity. The collected funds will go to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The organizer of the performances is the "BIGSHOW Agency" company.

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Oksana Mukha. Songs of an unconquered heart

28 April 2023 19:00

Regional Ivan Franko Academic Music-Drama Theater, Ivano-Frankivsk

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