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Oksana Pekun

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Oksana Pekun will be held in Cherkasy thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! We are waiting for you on 2023-01-27 at 18:00 at the location of the DK "Friendship of Peoples", Cherkasy.
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Singer and TV presenter, People's Artist of Ukraine Oksana Pekun is constantly in the midst of the most current events in the country. Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of the Rashists in Ukraine, the singer took part in dozens of charity concerts for the defenders of the Motherland in various cities and towns of Ukraine, performed in many volunteer TV and radio broadcasts.
During more than a quarter of a century of active performances on the Ukrainian stage, Oksana Pekun held hundreds of concerts all over Ukraine, won the favor of both sophisticated connoisseurs of Ukrainian song and the masses of simple lovers of unique folk melodies from the most remote regions of Ukraine. After all, as the music director and permanent host of the TV program "Folk-music" of the First National, together with her team, she found more than one and a half thousand little-known Ukrainian folk songs and brought them back to life in the performance of Ukrainian pop stars and popular youth bands.
Oksana Pekun is a person with an active life position, a singer who is constantly improving herself, preparing new musical gifts for her fans, all lovers of the most melodious Ukrainian song in the world.
These days, Oksana Pekun, together with associates of Tusa agency, is going on a concert tour in the cities of Ukraine to once again present her popular songs to numerous fans and transfer part of the collected funds to the needs of our Defenders.

See you, our listeners, at the holiday of Ukrainian songs!