Alexey Gorbunov "Vysotsky"

25 July 2020, Sat. 19:00
CARIBBEAN club Kyiv, Petlyury st. 4
from 23.00 EUR
from 23.00 EUR
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About event

Alexey Gorbunov "Vysotsky" in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-07-25 в 19:00 on the CARIBBEAN club, Kyiv.
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"I still got into the secret of the masks,"

I am sure that my analysis is accurate:

What masks of indifference in others -

Protection against spit and slaps. ”(C) V. Vysotsky

On July 25, Oleksiy Gorbunov and the band "Pilot's Sadness" will play a chamber concert dedicated to the artist, whose talent has not lost the love of fans for several decades.

Traditionally, in the cozy Caribbean Club Concert Hall, in the light of candles, to the sounds of favorite melodies, we will remember the amazing talent and extraordinary personality - Vladimir Vysotsky.

He wrote about 800 songs. He tried on different roles and was sincere in each - a poet, a romantic, a hooligan, an actor, an incredible artist! His true life lyrics seemed to sound for everyone and for everyone personally.

  • live works of the national favorite

  • on stage is an exceptional artist and charismatic personality Alexei Gorbunov

  • chamber communication and atmosphere

  • musical accompaniment - the band "Pilot's Sadness"

  • poems and unimagined life stories behind the scenes

“Vysotsky is like the first cigarette, the first record of The Rolling Stones or The Beatles. The first is what will be remembered for a lifetime "(c) Oleksiy Gorbunov