1 October 2019, Tue. 19:00
from 17.33 EUR
from 17.33 EUR

About event

Why should I go to Olga Gorbachev?

1. The power of reason. A unique format of music training based on songs-affirmations.
2. The power of love. Monologues filled with recipes of happy relationships.
3. The power of thought. Access to the Power of Thought motivational online marathon

Olga Gorbacheva presents a unique concept show - a musical training "POWER" based on songs-affirmations.

This amazing performance will prove to every woman that she is all-powerful and capable of creating her happy life with the power of desire. It all starts with our self-confidence and power of thought. A tear-jerking meeting awaits you, which will make you laugh well, cry to the depths and be inspired without limits.

As a mentor to thousands of Ukrainian women, Olga has conducted a wealth of online and offline courses, trainings and lectures on family and sex education. This was reflected in her fifth album. The songs are energetically intense and give the right psychological settings for happiness, love and success. In her work, the artist reflects the family values and the POWER of a real couple. This training is useful for women, couples, as well as for those who are just planning to build relationships.

If you believe you deserve to be happy, Power Training is for you. Buy a ticket for a unique concept show and get access to the motivational online marathon "The Power of Thought".

Entrance for those who want to be happy!

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