31 August 2018, Fri. 23:00
Mantra Beach Club Odessa, Аркадия пляж, 15
from 15.15 EUR
from 15.15 EUR

About event

Why go to the Oliver Huntemann?

1. To see and hear the legend in its direction of electronic music
2. All night dancing to the tracks that you know, and of course, to hear new works
3. To become a participant of an unforgettable party timed to the closing of the summer season in your favorite club Mantra

August 31 - the legendary Oliver Huntemann at the close of the summer season in your Mantra! Do not miss!

Myths abound in the north when it comes to techno ground zero, and they refuse to leave. Oliver Huntemann is one of the few children of the north who, like eternity, adds an element of trust to mythology. Of course, he does not live in a snow-covered forest or on the edge of the polar oceans. The sun sometimes shines in Hamburg. Nevertheless, there is a tendency to hypothermic reduction of Huntmann's tough performance. Images of refrigerated warehouses, desert heavy plants and bluish flesh are not entirely out of place. Shards of German techno flickered in his music, imbued with convincing logic, terrible Darwinism.

In "Brighter than the sun" English critic Kodvo Eshun depicts the birthplace of Kraftwerk, Dusseldorf - as "Delta Mississippi Techno." Tracks Oliver Huntemann are linear, free from fantasy, charmingly direct. Less is more, the only luxury is a little dirt.

While hordes of German producers and DJs set their satnavs for Berlin, Oliver Huntemann decided to go home.

Its center of the universe is the north. Hamburg, to be precise. Here he creates his music, and from here he goes to the world.

White roots of Oliver Huntmann can be traced back to the early techno. Like many of his colleagues, his route to techno made a tour of electro and rave.

In 2014, Oliver Huntemann created his own label Senso Sounds, and the agency Kontrast Artists.

Huntemann, the producer and co-author, made remixes for such famous artists as Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, Underworld.

Since 2016, his residence in Watergate has excelled in the nightlife of Berlin, while he continues to play in clubs and festivals around the world: from Warung in Brazil and the Rex Club in Paris to the BPM festival in Mexico, Strawberry Fields and Let Em Eat Cake in Australia or Woogie Weekend in California.

In 2017 Oliver Huntemann releases his fifth album "Propaganda". Six long years have passed since Huntemann's 4th album "Paranoia", but do not think that it was a break in his work, he was more busy than ever.

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