Olya Polyakova. Night queen. Encore

26 October 2019, Sat. 19:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
from 9.67 EUR
from 9.67 EUR


About event

Why should go to the concert of Olya Polyakova?

1. Olya Polyakova today is one of the most popular and sought-after singers in the country.
2. The opportunity to once again see the revolutionary show of the super blonde "Queen of the Night."
3. The main hits and amazing surprises - everything that will make your evening enchanting!

Queen of the night is back! According to numerous requests from fans and TV viewers, pop diva Olya Polyakova will give an additional concert at the Sports Palace.

After the overwhelming success of the Queen of the Night Grand Show, which received the title of “the loudest and most spectacular musical event of the year,” Anshlag Company and Secret Service EA announced the date for an additional concert in Kiev. The final concert of the All-Ukrainian stadium tour will be the performance of Polyakova in the capital's Palace of Sports on October 26, 2019.

Recall, the grand show "Queen of the Night" was the most discussed event in the Ukrainian show business lately. Scale and ambitions of world-class scenes, more than 700 people of the creative team, a year of preparation, a new record of Ukraine in the number of light scenes in one issue (by the way, the previous one also belongs to Polyakova), deadly stunts, royal images, some of the highest television version ratings and enthusiastic reviews viewers - not all that is behind the grand show Olya Polyakova. Do not miss!

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