6 April 2019, Sat. 19:00
Theater TEO Odessa, Military descent, 18
from 2.12 EUR
from 2.12 EUR
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Omut in Odesa - photo #1 вир в Одесі

About event

“Omut” is a disaster in one act based on the play by Vasily Sigarev.

“My friends, ask God for fun. Be merry like children, like birds of heaven. And do not be confused by the sin of people in your work, do not be afraid that it will wipe your work and will not allow it to happen, do not say: “Sin is strong, bad wickedness, a bad environment is strong, and we are alone and powerless, we will wipe a wicked environment and will not allow the good deeds to be accomplished. " Run, children, of this gloom! ”F.M. Dostoevsky

Actors: Galya Migutskaya, Ivan Makarenko
Director: Dmitry Kostiumin