He is my sister

27 December 2018, Thu. 19:00
Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces Ukraine Kyiv, 30/1, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho St
from 3.03 EUR
from 3.03 EUR

About event

Why should I go to the play "He is my sister"?

1. You are waited by a talented game of actors, kind atmosphere, impressive decorations.
2. Ukrainian theaters and critics highly appreciated the production
3. The plot is so unusual that you need to look carefully and not miss important details.

Vladimir Goryansky and Anatoly Khostikoyev present the insane and somewhat scandalous tragicomedy of Vitaly Malakhov "He is my sister".

The performance "He's My Sister" made a stir, especially in the light of talk about tolerance. But you can not put stamps on people. Simply because in the oddities of these hermits there is more humanity than the whole crowd of "ordinary" people put together.

That's the way a strict Guy in all senses, faces a serious problem, and around - no one who can help. Only an insane neighbor, Feminine and a bit pathetic, as if he had just been brought straight from New York Broadway.

He-she will help the neighbor with the immense power of her talent and love for her neighbors. And you look, enjoy a great show, chic costumes, music, songs and a good story about how it's really important to have good friends in life.

We invite you to spend time in the company of Goryansky and Hostikoyev.

See you!

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