17 November 2019, Sun. 19:00
Malevich Concert Arena Lviv, Chornovil Avenue, 2
from 25.00 EUR
from 25.00 EUR
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About event

Why go to an Oomph concert?

1. Oomph! - legends of German rock
2. Hear the new Ritual album
3. Get real musical pleasure

Oomph! will present a new album in Lviv.

Without this team it’s hard to imagine the current difficult European scene, and the German one is impossible at all. They are not in Ukraine for the first time, but time after time they collect full houses and the boundless love of their fans. Their name is Oomph! and they are preparing to present in Lviv the freshest longplay called Ritual.

Ritual is the first record in four years in the discography of Oomph! As pioneers of Neue Deutsche Härte or dance metal, Oomph! in this album they decided to return to their roots only by making the sound much harder than before. Regarding the theme of the album, Oomph! we decided to pay attention to customs that at first glance seem harmless, but if you look closely, you can see a lot of bad things in them.

And it worked. Critics have called Ritual almost the best album in Oomph discography! since Wahrheit oder Pflicht, and in Germany the group first took first place in their thirty-year career.

In Lviv Oomph! not only fresh songs will be brought, but also a new, stunning show. As well as proven hits that have been known and sung by several generations of heavy music lovers - the very ritual that was created in honor of Oomph!