3 October 2020, Sat. 14:00
Palace Ukraine (small hall) Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska st. 103
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from 6.67 EUR
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Внимание! Событие перенесено с 26.03 на 03.10. Все билеты остаются действительными на новую дату.


"Ми вдячні вам за терпіння в отриманні відповіді. На жаль, у зв’язку із введенням карантину та визнанням уряду таких заходів форс-мажором (, а також згідно з частиною 1 статті 617 Цивільного кодексу України (, квитки за перенесені під час карантину заходи поверненню не підлягають. Всі квитки є дійсними на нові дати.

У випадку скасування заходу квитки підлягають поверненню у встановлений організатором термін. Наразі ми ведемо перемовини з менеджментом артистів, авіакомпаніями, тревел-агентами, готелями, концертними майданчиками та іншими контрагентами щодо перенесення багатьох подій. Ми намагаємося втримати індустрію «на плаву», маючи справу з небаченим досі форс-мажором та шукаємо компромісу. Нам, болить надавати вам таку відповідь.

Ми просимо вас про співрозуміння і заздалегідь вдячні за терпіння з вашого боку.

Організатор: Київський театр "Тисячоліття"
Контакти організатора: +38 067 537 38 47

The Kiev Millennium Theater presents an acute social project - the psychological drama Scarecrow, which reveals the complex relationships between adolescents and the problem of bullying at school.

Production based on the novel of the same name by Vladimir Zheleznikov

"Although the boys stoned frogs for fun, but the frogs die for real" Plutarch

They are no longer children, but also not adults. The trees are no longer large, but the adult world is still incomprehensible and far. The real passions and feelings are boiling in young souls, but do we always, adults see and know well what kind of passions and feelings they are? Who invented the tale of a carefree childhood, adolescence, youth? Isn't he the one who forgot himself in those distant times? Looking back at school years and honestly peering at my childhood photos, one can recall not only the first bell, but also the first lie, the first acute injustice, not only the last bell, but also the first betrayal ...

Few people know that the story "Scarecrow" is autobiographical. It was no coincidence that Vladimir Zheleznikov addressed the topic of child cruelty. He described the story of his niece, who at school took on someone else's fault and became the target of bullying classmates. A teacher who was supposed to sort out the conflict ended up in a hospital with a heart attack ... The persecution continued for several weeks until the truth was revealed.

The author himself later wrote: “At The Scarecrow, I was interested in whether one person, such a small, vulnerable, unprotected man like Lena, could withstand in an extreme situation against everyone. Then, in the process of work, there was a desire to create a panorama of the life of adolescents, to understand from which grains this shoot has grown. ”

Touching upon this difficult topic, it is very appropriate to recall the words of the writer Albert Likhanov: “Childhood becomes a golden time span of the past years: we forget how dramatic, difficult it is, how many insults and disappointments are fraught with. And maybe the most serious test that a growing person passes is a test of his dignity. ”

Roles are performed by:
Bessoltseva Lena - Katrikadze Renata, Kotova Elizabeth
Bessoltsev Nikolay Nikolaevich - Vladimir Burkovsky
Margarita Ivanovna - Anna Garnik
Somov - Moskalenko Danil, Bondar Anton
Iron Button - Bote Daria, Moskalenko Diana
Valka - Artem Periwinkle
Shmakov- Garbuz Daria
Popov- Kasparov Sergey, Bondar Anton
Shaggy - Kasparov Sergey, Moskalenko Danil
Vasiliev - Drivinsky Edward
Children in the classroom -
Chigrinova Elizabeth,
Alain's Tooth
Kotova Elizabeth,
Katrikadze Renata,
Bote Daria
Moskalenko Diana
The performance is occupied by young students of the Millennium Theater Studio (TST)

The performance in Russian
Duration - 1.5 hours, with intermission