Orgy of the Righteous

15 February 2020, Sat. 20:00
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
from 11.67 EUR
from 11.67 EUR

About event

Group Orgy of the Righteous in Kiev. On February 15, the famous rock band Orgy the Righteous will perform at the Atlas metropolitan club.

Why is it worth going to a concert of the Orgy of the Righteous group in Kiev?

1. Taste the original creativity of a 20-year-old group.
2. Enjoy the cool tandem of acoustics and power tools.
3. Pass through complex metamorphoses together with the participants of a bright team.

The long-awaited concert of the famous rock band Orgy the Righteous in Kiev

February 15 at Atlas Club - talented and contradictory rockers of the Orgy of the Righteous! The famous group comes with a powerful program. Behind the drum kit is Alexander Vetkhov again. Meet me!

The first meeting of the Ukrainian public with Orgy the Righteous took place in 2011. The event was extraordinary for all domestic music lovers. And talented musicians received such powerful support that it became clear: their work was in demand and the audience required a continuation of the banquet.

Hurry up to buy your tickets for the next concert of a cool team in Kiev!

Collective Orgy of the Righteous in Kiev: 20 years of bright non-standard creativity

For their Kiev concert, the musicians prepared a special program of the best works in 20 years. We look forward to unexpected surprises!

The group of Sergey Kalugin from the first days of its existence gained an original image and this is not surprising: to combine the incompatible is the team’s horse.

“We love to combine extremely contradictory things and things that, it would seem, should not live together,” - says his leader about the work of the team.

The first contradiction is demonstrated by the name of the group. The following is in bold experiments combining the sound of drums, electric guitars, bass with a flute, acoustic guitar and other live instruments. According to world critics, the sound project has no analogues in the world.

Today the team has: 6 studio albums, wide acclaim among sophisticated music lovers, hundreds of concerts.

You can buy tickets for the concert of the Orgy of the Righteous group in the Atlas club at

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