Lords of the Sound. Oscar Music Awards

23 September 2018, Sun. 19:00
Zakarpattia Drama Theater Uzhgorod, vulytsya Lʹva Tolstoho, 12
from 8.79 EUR
from 8.79 EUR


About event

Why go to the Lords of the Sound concert. Oscar Music Awards?

1. Music recognized by the world.
2. Favorite cartoons.
3. Beautiful instrumental music will take you away from everyday problems.

On September 23, the Lords of the Sound Oscar Music Awards will take place. Music recognized by the world!

The well-known orchestra "Lords of the Sound" constantly surprises the spectator and shows himself in completely different roles. But, undoubtedly, the business card of a skilled team is the performance of music to movies. The Oscar Music Awards featured program is the most popular and favorite among the spectators. The musicians traveled with her all over Ukraine, toured Europe more than once, and now they open a new concert season of 2018!

That project does not stand still. The program is being developed, updated and refined! The Lords of the Sound will play soundtracks only from the movies that were awarded the Oscar Movie Award. The list will include both legendary, authoritative compositions, and fresh soundtracks awarded by Oscar in recent years. And not only will music be astonishing this day! You will highly appreciate the entertainment and show-pieces that the organizers prepare. After all, the Lords of the Sound have already proved the drive and brightness of their concerts!

We invite everyone to spend a delicious evening enjoying the finest symphonic music performed by the lords of the sound. The concert program will take place with the participation of soloists of the orchestra, musicians of the orchestra in full, choral orchestra and invited guests.

Conductor: Vitaliy Sarazhinsky
Producer: Andrei Novatorov

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