The basic Instinct

22 October 2019, Tue. 19:00
Russian theater Odessa, st. Greek, 48
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from 6.33 EUR
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About event

An incorrigible womanizer impregnated with testosterone, the smell of whiskey and adrenaline speeds will be in a place that is not on any world map ... In a hotel without a name, the doors of which are opened only with a select one ... And the name of the hostess is uttered in a whisper ... Look in her eyes and you will see an alluring abyss covered with the most forbidden secrets ... Can the one who has broken women's hearts all his life save his own? Seduce death itself - the game at the cost of life.

We begin...

Performance in two acts with intermission. Duration 2 hours.

Cast: Maxim Dan'shin, Liza Bakulina, Irina Sultanova, Artyom Lebedev, Arseny Gorunov, Ksenia Kozhukhova and others.

Directed by: Artem Lebedev.

Scenography: Alexey Gavrish

Musical arrangement: Alexey Lutsenko

Age category: 18+