Features of national love

3 June 2019, Mon. 19:00
from 7.58 EUR
from 7.58 EUR
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From the authors of the sensational performance "Odessa-Mama Train" is a very, very funny comedy!

..Already the mere name of this performance causes involuntary laughter and slight pleasant excitement. Absolutely everyone talks about love and sex, but there was no such thing on the theater stage yet.

A hooligan, easy, hysterically funny comedy, in which the main roles are played by the most popular artists of this genre - the “District City” team, the favorites of all women are Sergey Pisarenko and Yevgeny Nikishin. And with them - the dream of all men, the ex-soloist of "NIKITA" - the brilliant Dasha Astafyeva. The director of the performance is Georgiy Deliev.

Spectators who attended the premiere, they say that they have not seen anything more ridiculous. But this performance is also an enchanting show. Did you think that basic instincts are love and sex? You thought correctly. But, having seen this performance, you will understand that the third basic instinct is laughter! See you on June 3 at the Kiev Operetta Theater!

Duration: 2 hours, performance in Russian.