Be careful L'amour!

27 January 2019, Sun. 19:00
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Why go to the play "Caution! L'amour?

1. Very funny, purely French comedy.
2. The idea of winning true love.
3. A great way to relax.

Rivne Music and Drama Theater presents a bright comedy in the best traditions of French humor “Caution! L'amour!

The staging will tell how sometimes when we are setting up love traps, we ourselves become their victim. And trying to get away from love, we find it. Well, with that feeling, the jokes are bad! Purely French comedy “Caution! L'amour will talk about the complex intertwining of destinies.

In the center of the plot - a poor young artist Blaise. His lover-mannequin plans to marry a man to a rich father's daughter. This is where the ups and downs begin, bringing together the foreheads of six women and two kindly men, each of whom needs only personal gain.

What happens when true feelings lose their value? You will learn about it from the play “Caution! L'amour. Director - Alexander Oleksyuk.