18 May 2019, Sat. 20:00
Freedom Hall Kyiv, Kyrylovska street, 134
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR

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Othello is one of the most eccentric and funny comedies in the repertoire of the Masks Theater. Everything is there: the painted Moor and the beautiful Desdemona-girl. And her maid, Emilia, is far from being a girl. Tricks, songs, dances. Lightly salted cucumbers, vodka and even strawberries!

Rumors about the uneventful nightly adventures of Desdemona and Mavra reach Senator Brabantio, the girl’s father. The source is Emilia - the nurse and the maid Desdemona. Cassio, a close-minded careerist, voluntarily ready to take the place of Mavra, both in the post of general and in Desdemona’s bed. And - figushki! All his adventurous thoughts are confused by Iago - a merry fellow and a joker, a kind genius of a general, his brain and his right hand, deposed to the position of corporal, for a stinging character, a black mouth and a long tongue. Jago's merry temper and innate wit, cause intrigues and intricacies, in the thin networks of which all participants of the above events fall. And, in secret: drunk Othello does not chase the palace for his bloody wife, Desdemona, neither with an ax, nor with a hammer, nor with a knife. Moreover, it does not dissect its fragile body with a chainsaw, a file or a nail file. But on the contrary, she suffocates her in her arms and thus conceives a child from her. And Cassio, in punishment, give in husbands. Ask - to whom? In life, do not guess.

1 Desdemona - Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalya Buzko
2 Othello - Vadim Nabokov
3 Iago - People's Artist of Ukraine Georgiy Deliev
4 Kassio - People's Artist of Ukraine Boris Barsky
5 Brabantio - Igor Malakhov
6 Rodrigo - Alexander Postolenko
7 Emilia - Tatiana Ivanova
8 Messenger - Mikhail Voloshin
Play author: Boris Barsky
Directed by: Georgiy Deliev

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