Open chef's dinner: Alexey Shemenkov & Alik Mkrtchyan

27 September 2018, Thu. 20:00
from 69.20 EUR
from 69.20 EUR
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About event

Alexey Shemenkov (BEEF meat & wine) and Alik Mkrtchyan (Good Wine) will meet in the kitchen of BEEF to cook stunning French meat specialties.

Good Wine has done a lot of work to find the best of the best in French farms. And who, if not BEEF, knows how best to cook the right meat? Total September 27, on the eve of the largest gastronomic exhibition in Paris, we will be honoring French food and wine in BEEF.

On the menu:
Girole of foie gras with vermouth
Duck carpaccio with truffle
Riet of guinea fowl
Foie Gras CRU
Magrette steak
Chocolat & Cognac
Supper is accompanied by wine.

Ticket price:
before 9 September 1800 uah
until 20 September 2000 uah
before 27 September 2200 uah

Supper is accompanied by wine.