O.Torvald - vertical concert

18 July 2020, Sat. 20:00
Bratislava Hotel Kyiv, Andriya Malyshka, 1 str
from 66.67 EUR
from 66.67 EUR
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About event

O.Torvald - vertical concert in Kyiv! We are waiting for you 2020-07-18 at 20:00 at the location Hotel Bratislava, Kyiv.
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O.TORVALD will play a vertical concert in Kyiv and here are 5 reasons why you should get to it

On July 18, the Ukrainian rock band O.TORVALD will play a concert at the Bratislava Hotel. How will it differ from previous performances and why it should not be missed:

1. The risk of canceling the concert is minimal

The concert will take place in the capital's Bratislava Hotel. People do not buy a ticket, but a hotel room, which can accommodate up to four people at a time. All protective and sanitary norms are observed, which means that the chance of canceling such a measure is minimal.

2. Unique concert program "Everything from the beginning"

This time the band will play a concert "on request", ie the set list will be made by fans. How it works: on the official website of O.TORVALD you can find a special form to which you send exactly what songs you want to hear. The band will select the most popular requests and make a concert program from them. This is a unique chance to hear songs that the guys haven't performed in years.

3. Rock party in a hotel room

Just imagine: you and your closest friends are in a hotel room where you can order food and drinks at any time. You go out on the balcony - and there the stage is broken by a rock band playing your favorite songs. Besides, who said that at one point Zhenya Halych wouldn't break into your room? Nobody is insured against this.

4. This is the only concert you can come to in a bathrobe or pajamas

Completely uncomfortable clothes, this time you can watch the performance even at home and you will not get anything for it!

5. A nice bonus for those who travel from another city

You can break away from the concert and not run to the train or bus. You are already in the hotel, so stay until the morning!

Ready for a safe rock party?