Mistress of the Minister

11 October 2018, Thu. 19:00
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The second incarnation on the stage of the Lesya Ukrainka Theater was found by the brilliant, impeccable comedy "Mistress of the Minister" (1928), created by the great Serbian playwright B. Nusic.

The heroes of this comedy live in a quiet everyday life, where there are no storms, no weather, no earthquakes, no other unusual cataclysms. This medium of the middle bourgeois is firmly separated by a dense wall from all those winds that shake society. Everyone lives in their rooms, and the street is already becoming for them a whole world, literally abroad, but events, globally stunning countries and continents, are just an afternoon dumb reading.

But suddenly, out of this very environment, like in a lottery, was taken by the hand and snatched one such respectable, faithful wife and good mistress. It was Ms. Zhivka Popovich who suddenly and unexpectedly ascended above the normal, seemingly stable line of life. Prior to that, her husband, a conscientious middle-ranking official, received a salary that was barely enough for a living. Therefore, we had to wriggle out, make small debts "up to pay", perelitsovyvat old clothes...

But what happened? And the fact that Ms. Zhivki's husband suddenly offered the minister's portfolio. Yes, there is something from which to spin the head of a poor woman, accustomed to other rhythms, norms, rules of conduct. Before Zhivka, a vast field of activity was opened, vanity, eccentricity, greed, envy, intolerance were suddenly awakened in her.

Around this sudden transformation of the heroine of the comedy, connected with the history of its rise and a bitter fall, and the whole intrigue twists. Comedy characters in their best traditions brilliantly combined with the comedy of morals.

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Mistress of the Minister

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