Mistress ministersha

20 July 2019, Sat. 19:00
Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama Kyiv, vulytsya Bohdana Khmelʹnytsʹkoho, 5
from 1.00 EUR
from 1.00 EUR

About event

Why go to the play "Madam Ministress"?

1. Witty, lively and incredibly bright statement.
2. The unique genre of the “comedy of manners”, which reveals the deepest layers of human character.
3. Funny, easy plot that does not get bored.

Meet the unrealistically lively and vivid production of the “Mrs. Ministersh” by the Serbian playwright B. Nusic, who was revived again at the theater. Lesia Ukrainka!

The heroes of the comedy are unremarkable personalities: a petty official who barely manages to feed his family, and his wife, who is used to living from pay to pay, all the time trying to figure out who to borrow a little. Life is not bright at all, but in something stable and understandable to the heroes. But at one moment, the way to which everyone is accustomed to, collapses sharply, because the official is offered the post of minister.

And now the poor woman will have to forget about darning worn clothes. Unbelievable prospects open up for the ministershare! But, will they turn the head of a simple girl not used to luxury? Entertaining transformations, which the character of Mrs. Ministries suffers, amuse, entertain and make you think: after all, the once-modest gray mouse suddenly turns into a vain, intolerant and eccentric little thing whose appetites are growing every minute! Think about whether you recognize yourself in a lady?

How will this plot end? Come and find out!

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