4 December 2018, Tue. 19:00
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from 5.76 EUR
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Panivalkova in Odesa - photo #1 Panivalkova в Одесі
Panivalkova in Odesa - photo #2 Panivalkova в Одесі афіша
Panivalkova in Odesa - photo #3 Panivalkova в Одесі квитки
Panivalkova in Odesa - photo #4 Panivalkova в Одесі на concert.ua
Panivalkova in Odesa - photo #5 Panivalkova в Одесі фото

About event

Why go to the Panivalkova concert?

1. Join the new experiments from the extraordinary trio
2. Hear live musical instruments that other bands do not use.
3. Enjoy musical surprises, incredible stage images and new songs.

December 4 in the Odessa Philharmonic held a big concert of the Panivalkov group.

Panivalkova is a girlish trio from Kiev that works in the style of “sensual minimalism”, combining tenderness and irony, sincerity and originality. In addition to the basic instruments (keys, ukulele, drums), the group uses original percussion: guiro, castanets, vibra-blind, ocarina, flexaton, kazoo, etc.

In 2014, the team presented their debut EP Panivalkov, and in April 2016 the full-length album DONTVORI was released, which entered all the major charts of the best albums of the year according to the Ukrainian media.

Over the years of its existence, the group successfully performs at major music festivals in the country (Koktebel Jazz Festival, Atlas Weekend, Z-Games, Zaxidfest, Respublica, Beautiful City, Hedonism). In 2015, Ukraine saw Panivalkov on the X-factor show with the song Crazy Nikita and the company Novaya Pochta selected this song for its image videos. In 2017, Panivalkova took part in the semifinal of the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the single “Kill”, where she was highly appreciated by the jury.

Behind the band are two large tours in Europe: Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, as well as a performance on Eurosonic Noorderslag, a famous European music show case.

The image of "Panivalkov" is the "ideal woman": a collective alter ego that united all the best qualities of the participants and found its audial and visual embodiment in the work of the group.

Panivalkov will be recognized thanks to her vivid visual images, bold experiments with looks and costumes that carry a certain message.