The cycle of performances Paranoia

30 September 2018, Sun. 20:00
from 4.15 EUR
from 4.15 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the cycle of performances of "Paranoia"?

1. Stages, the plot of which will stir the brain.
2. Unearthly choreography.
3. An excellent selection of talented actors.

We invite experienced spectators to discover new horizons of drama! Only for you - a very emotionally charged cycle of performances "Paranoia".

The cycle includes two amazing performances, which, at first glance, have nothing in common: "The Ark" based on the play "Good Neighbors" by A. Ustinova (directed by A. Kolyadenko) and "My Roof" based on the play "Equation with Three Unknown" . The jokers (directed by B. Filimonov). All of them are united not only by the thin choreography of Victoria Martynova, but also by a story that will make you think about questions that did not come to your mind before.

The creators of the performances do not give simple answers to philosophical questions. They just suggest thinking. Just like the heroes of the productions do. It is the reflections on the theme: "Who am I?" And "Do I really exist?" Have become the leitmotif of these vivid performances.

In the performances, roles were played by: "My Roof": I. Romanov, A. Zharov, A. Prilipko, J. Pischulin. "The Ark" A. Lyashenko, T. Serga, Y. Tatsiy, V. Kaminsky, M. Presic, T. Goncharuk, A. Zhukovskaya, A. Prilipko, M. Chervinsky, J. Pischulin.

The language of the productions is Ukrainian.