23 December 2018, Sun. 19:00
Theater Actor Kiev, Big Zhytomyr 40
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from 2.42 EUR
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About event

"Patris" - a performance about two young journalists who are looking at their own home country at the Kiev railway station. Your way and your love.

20 documentary interviews, actual journalistic investigation. Songs, fights, selective vocals, some alcohol for the viewer, and even less light drugs. The play about our present day is sad and funny at the same time.

Valentino stunned the fashion collection of embroidery. Tina Karol sang Ukrainian anthem at the Riga airport. More than 1 million Ukrainians emigrate abroad every year. But despite the crisis, Ukraine remains the world's first exporter of sunflower oil.

Director: Dmitry Zakhozhenko
Artist: Maria Kruglova

Actors: Yarina Gordienko, Victoria Mushteya, Natalia Neshva, Olena Oleynikova, Vladislav Dmitruk, Alexander Zhila, Arthur Zaitsev, Igor Kachur, Volodymyr Kokotunov, Petro Rusyanenko, Oleksandr Tsener