Patti Smith & Tony Shanahan

29 August 2020, Sat. 19:00
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About event

An evening of conversations and music with Patti Smith and Tony Shanahan - do not miss the legend of punk rock in Kiev.

August 29, Kiev, Theater. Ivan Franko

Real queens do not seek to please, they do not use decorations to emphasize their greatness, do not try to be politically correct, do not seek their subjects. True queens have a difficult fate, but they carry new meanings and create their kingdoms that remain forever ...

Patti Smith - the legendary punk rock singer

The Godmother of Punk Rock Patti Smith was unlikely to have a musical career in his youth. The complex youth and trends of the 60s of the last century formed from it primarily a creative person who was interested in almost all types of art: literature, painting, theater, and, of course, music, which became an organic part of the rebellious and non-conformist bohemia of that time.

Patti began with poetic performances in the genre of melodclamation to the accompaniment of an electric guitar. Her harsh texts were the result of the sublimation of youthful hobbies to almost everything that was the main trends of American culture: from Rimbaud's poetry to the work of beatniks and hippies (by the way, later, beat generation friends Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs became friends with Patty). The difficult personal experience also had a significant impact on Patti - she even worked at the factory, so she deeply understood the mood of the working people. It remained to make a full-fledged musical project out of it ...

And when this moment came, the singer became a real find and an “icon” for a new generation, configured to confront the establishment, a generation that chose the punk movement as its ideology. Patti's first album of 1975 takes the lead among the 500 greatest albums of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine.

When punk became commercialized, principled Patti lost interest in him and took a break for as long as 16 years. She returned to the music scene after many of her loved ones passed away in a short time, and music became a consolation for her in a certain sense. The creativity of the singer of the new period remained, as before, a provocative, overwhelmed sense of justice and concern for the world and its structure. At the end of 2007, her name was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Creative evening with Tony Shanahan

During the exclusive “Evenings of Conversations and Music” in Kiev, Patti Smith will not only return us to the time of the New York bohemia of the 70s, speaking with his constant musical partner since returning to the scene - Tony Shanahan, but also tell what she is He sees modern life and what can we do about it.

“Changing the world is not a matter of art. This is the business of people. Power is not with the musician, but with the people, after all, ”says the Queen, who never aspired to be the Queen. And you should believe her!

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