Peter Doherty

27 September 2020, Sun. 19:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
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from 33.00 EUR
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About event

Here Comes a Delivery: Peter Doherty returns to Kiev

There are characters in the modern music world who have become legendary in no time. One of them is Pete , solo artist, as well as frontman of The Libertines and Babyshambles. Now a brawler who has not disappeared from the first news headlines with scandalous headlines, he is trying to finally understand himself in his new songs, find his symbolic home and, as never before, come closer to peace of mind. As far as possible for him. Recording last year, along with a new band, material in a tiny fishing town in Normandy, Pete continues his journey. In Kiev, Doherty will present last year's release, new material that is preparing for release this spring, but without the classics The Libertines and Babyshambles will also do without.

May 18, Bel Etage

From the outset, since the formation of The Libertines, Pete Doherty has been regarded as one of the best "next generation" songwriters of British music. Two frontmen - Peter Doherty and Carl Barat - made the band successful. On the one hand, Barat brought his love of The Velvet Underground, The Clash, The Doors, Django Reinhardt and Nirvana into the mix, and on the other, Doherty and bands like The Jam, Sex Pistols, The Smiths, Chas & Dave. Doherty was inspired by the work of William Blake and Emily Dickinson while Barat was fascinated by Saki and Edwardian humor.

The band got together in the 90's, but the musicians received wide recognition only in 2002 after the debut of Up the Bracket. The media and critics called it "the revival of British indie", NME added it to the list of the best British albums of all time. However, the "young and promising" group had its own internal problems. Leaving the group because of personal troubles and addictions, Peter created the Babyshambles group to be able to continue. Together, the band has recorded three successful albums, but it does not stop there. Their track Fuck Forever, which was almost left lying in a drawer by its name, became their most successful song and one of the most famous indie hymns. Although the life of the band has been turbulent, it has not stopped Doherty from recording various collaborations - with poet Wolfman, bands such as Dirty Pretty Things, We Are Scientists, The Kooks and The Holloways - and moving on to recording solo material. Thus, in 2009, the Grace / Wastelands disc was released, and Hamburg Demonstrations appeared in a few more years.

However, it seems that years of recording with session musicians have made Pete feel sad for the camaraderie of working with the band. In 2016, it became known that Jack Jones of Trampolene, who had already collaborated with The Libertines, would become the lead guitarist for Doherty's new project, The Puta Madres. The band's debut album, Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres, appeared in three years, which clearly shows that Peter has finally found his people. It is an unexpected intimate portrayal of love, loss, loss, happiness, tragedy, dependence and the ability of the human soul to overcome its darkest facets. And Pete Daugherty and the band's Kiev concert will be a summation of the artist's "need for adulthood" - from punk breaks from The Libertines and Babyshambles to soft folk tunes pierced by the violins and breeze of Normandy.

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