9 November 2018, Fri. 20:00
Krivoi Rog
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from 9.09 EUR
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About event

On November 9, the Shevchenko Theater for the first time will sound like a choir of young hearts and for some time will become the hottest spot on the planet.

Ukrainian independent artist of the new wave. Pianoboy is a special talent, pushing the frame and breaking stereotypes. Not only young people, but also an older listener, enjoy going to his surprisingly powerful musical and energetic concerts.

Pianoboy is to a large extent a bridge between generations, says Dmitry Shurov. - Despite the fact that students and schoolchildren always hang out at the concerts under the stage, their parents sit in the hall. Our listener is very advanced, with fresh thinking and excellent taste in music. I am more confident in my audience than I am.

The concert program includes new songs, new musicians, a new Shurov, for which there are no frames and borders. He sets his own team more and more sophisticated tasks - each of them plays several instruments and sings, and now they still dance! Concert shows Pianoboi are famous for their special atmosphere - not only because of their delicate composer talent and the ability to surprise the public each time with something new. But also thanks to the unique massive flash mobs that pianofamily arranges - the artist's fan base, an intelligent but numerous, active and modern youth crowd, the “family”, whose members live in all corners of the country. Dmitry promises that the Shevchenko Theater on this day will become a home for them and for musicians. He is going to turn it into his piano-planet, on which the latest concert technologies will be able to get along with the analog musical soul, of which there are so many in his songs.

The band is preparing an unexpected experimental show. This evening promises to be one of the indicators of the inevitable transformation of Ukrainian music, a challenge to the present and the new - the Soviet-style variety that is becoming obsolete.