20 August 2018, Mon. 20:00
Zelenyi teatr Odessa, Shevchenko park
from 8.65 EUR
from 8.65 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to a Pianoboy concert?

1. PIANOBOY is an example of modern Ukrainian music of world level, creativity of the artist is interesting to people of all ages.
2. All songs that have already become hits will sound, as well as completely new ones, but no less vivid and memorable.
3. Spectators are waiting for a spectacular light show, live sound and live music!

By popular demand, PIANOBOY this summer again in Odessa, with a big solo concert on BIS!

PIANOBOY is an example of modern Ukrainian music, whose creativity is loved by both teenagers and their parents. This is not an art house or "elite art" - it's real pop music as it is understood in London and New York: mass cult for the public burdened by intellect, loving the fun of rock festivals and close emotional contact chamber concerts. In a word - an indicator of taste, "pop's healthy man."

Thin and hit material PIANOBOY is decorated in a good concert "packaging": a full-fledged "live" musicians, each of which manages to sing and play alternately on several instruments. The band creates a sophisticated rock and roll drive on the stage - such a "chad and frenzy of revelry" in the conservatory's dormitory, an emotional swing that carries the listener from thoughtful sadness to life-affirming joy.

Dmitry Shurov is a composer, songwriter, pianist and lyricist, recognized both in Ukraine and abroad. He was born in Vinnitsa, studied in Ukraine, France and the USA. In 2010 he created the band PIANOBOY. Dmitriy is the author of music and songs for the Cinderella performances of the Sovremennik Theater, the 3D show "Vartovi Mriya", as well as many films, including "Hottabych", "The Mysterious Island", "Let's not Sjogodny", "Polina" and others . In 2015, Dmitry wrote the title track for the series "Servant of the People" studio Quarter 95. Signed for many, the song "Motherland" sounds like the title in the series "Do not renounce" and in the documentary "Diti rewind." For the joint song with Jamala and Andrey Khlyvnyuk, "Zliva" received the YUNA award in 2016.

In 2017 Dmitry Shurov became the judge of the project X-factor 8 season on the STB channel. Hits PIANOBoy did not leave the top positions for several years to a number. There are no empty seats at concerts. Spectators are so imbued with the energy and sensuality of the performer that almost every performance is transformed into a live communication of the audience with the idol. The number of fans grows geometrically with each concert, with every clip and sound from the radio wave. The upcoming performance promises to be quite exciting and bright. The concert will feature songs from the latest album "Take off" (Take of Take-off). All songs that have already become hits, and completely fresh, are performed by the maestro only in live. Live sound and live music are waiting for you!