Bad roads

7 June 2019, Fri. 19:00
from 2.00 EUR
from 2.00 EUR

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Genre: Six stories about life and war
Director Tamara Trunova
Author Natalia Vorozhbit
The performance-laureate of the Kyiv Account award is the best performance of 2018.

The war in the east of Ukraine is not only explosions, shelling and the names of the dead. On its backstage, on both sides of the front, the life of (not) ordinary people continues, united by the broken roads of Donbass. A young woman goes to the east of Ukraine in search of documentary material about the war, but there, in the gray zone of the border area, she becomes a hostage of both her and other people's stories. She lives them as if through the looking glass, where there is no good or evil, where the victim and the executioner change roles, and love becomes transient and elusive.

“Bad Roads” are six stories about the relationship of men and women, pointed and war-torn, and about fractures that will never heal. This play is one of the first statements about the war in the east of Ukraine on the big theatrical stage. Natalia Vorozhbit wrote it, gathering stories and testimonies of real people for the Cyborg script (directed by Akhtem Seitablaev). But if Cyborgs is about myth and victory, then Bad Roads is about life itself, which death will always prevail. The play was first staged at the London Royal Court Theater in October 2017. The Ukrainian premiere took place on September 27, 2018 on Stage 6. May 17 - the premiere on the stage of the Kiev Academic Drama and Comedy Theater on the left bank of the Dnieper.

Oksana Cherkashina
Maria Zaniborsch
Anastasia Pustovit
Ksenia Zhdanova
Dmitry Oleynik
Vladimir Kravchuk
Dmitry Soloviev
Akmal Gurezov
Lesya Samaeva
Andrey Isaenko
Valeria Hodos
Victoria Avdeenko

Production Designer - Yuri Larionov
Costume Designer - Kristina Korabelnikova
Musical decision - Akmal Gurez, Tamara Trunova
Assistant Director - Laura Vilcane

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