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2 March 2024, Sat. 17:00-19:00
Theater of the young spectator Odesa, Street Grecheskaya, 48а
from 200 ₴
from 200 ₴

About event

"Pollyanna" is a best-selling novel by the American writer Eleanor Porter, published in 1913. A children's classic for all time.

The play based on the novel "Pollyanna" tells about the sorrows and joys of an eleven-year-old girl who, after the death of her father, is forced to move to a small English town, to a world of strict rules and prohibitions - to her aunt Miss Polly.

Fortunately, Pollyanna managed to learn a wonderful game from her dad - "the game of joy". This helped her not to be sad under any circumstances and to always find a way out even in the most difficult situations.

Pollyanna taught this exciting game to everyone around her, except her aunt. And then a story happened with Pollyanna, when she needed the "game of joy" most of all.