21 August 2019, Wed. 22:00
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the Polygraph Sharikoff concert?

1. Are you bored with retrospective urban romances?
2. So that is just like in the 60-80s: beautiful girls in flared dresses and men so tucked up in checkered caps, knitted sweaters or jackets from a three-piece suit?
3. Is there nostalgia?

On August 21, the mega-original “Polygraph Sharikoff” will give a concert at ITAKA! This will be a VIP show! Meet the colorful compositions of Seryoga in a new guise. "Polygraph SharikOFF" more than once managed to produce a sensation. Now he is with us again with the program from Golden Hits.

10 years ago Seryoga seemed to have said goodbye to rap. Numerous requests for the return of the "kid in a cap" met expressive silence. Still, the long-awaited comeback took place. And immediately in two ways - Polygraph SharikOFF and SERYOGA.

It is in the first scenic image of the singer Seryoga is felt of past times. Here there are sports chastushkas, and the spirit of urban romance, and a permanent accordion, and even such a familiar branded cap. “White Cocoa” and “Charisma” tracks are popular, and clips fly like viruses on the Internet.

Therefore, at the concert you will find the purest pleasure. The event promises a lot of good music. In addition to the already mentioned songs, you will hear "Gelik Vanya", "Only sex" and, of course, the unique "Black Boomer" with a choir and orchestra.

Catch the excellent mood and good music! Feel how “tickles” you, especially you will have time to sit at home! We are waiting for everyone at the concert!